Rodent Control & Exterminator Lake Worth, Fl

Lake Worth, FL located in Palm Beach County, Florida, is characterized by a distinctive geographical makeup that includes coastal areas, parks, and a variety of neighborhoods. The city’s coastal regions, such as Lake Worth Beach and the Lake Worth Lagoon, offer captivating waterfront views, but they can also be prone to rodent issues due to their proximity to water sources and ample hiding spots. 


Neighborhoods like College Park, Parrot Cove, and Eden Place may present rodent challenges owing to lush vegetation, older properties with potential entry points, and the proximity to these coastal areas. Lake Worth boasts numerous parks (Bryant Park and John Prince Park, for example) offer ample recreational opportunities, but can also attract mice and rats due to the availability of shelter and potential food sources. 


With its warm tropical climate, the city’s unique combination of landscapes calls for vigilant pest control measures.

Our Lake Worth Rodent Control Services

Our comprehensive rodent control program has 4 components to ensure the most efficient methods of rodent exclusion, control, and prevention


The safest way to remove rodents is by using traps. These can include snap traps, electronic traps, live-animal traps, and bait stations, while glue traps are not recommended.


Preventing rodents from entering your property is crucial. This involves identifying and sealing small gaps in your building’s exterior.


Bait stations secure rodenticides, keeping children and pets safe. Professional pest management services use them with various bait forms for indoor or outdoor use.


Proper cleanliness is essential to prevent diseases spread by rodents. Nozzle Nolen provides disinfection services and HEPA-grade vacuum treatment, promoting a clean environment and discouraging rodents.


The best way to prevent a rodent infestation is through recurring service. With our 365 Complete Home Protection Plan- which includes four seasonal maintenance visits and unlimited follow-ups- we tailor the plan to your needs, without harmful sprays or unsightly traps. Includes rodent control plus termite control and protection from 20+ other common pests.