Termite Control & Treatment Services

Protect Your Investment


Termites cause nearly $5 billion in property damage each year.
termite bait being applied to residential lawn

Types of Termites

Several termite species are present in South Florida. Two of the most damaging to your property are the subterranean and drywood termites. Due to termites’ cryptic nature, many homeowners are unaware of their year-round activity until they swarm into the home in early spring and summer when swarming activity is at its peak. By this time, however, they likely have been damaging the home for some time – even years. To compound the distress of this traumatic discovery, homeowner’s insurance does not cover termite damage.

Termite Treatment

Because termites often go undetected by the untrained eye, it is essential that a trained professional inspect your home before extensive damage occurs. Our specialists at Nozzle Nolen can find even the smallest evidence that would indicate the presence of termites in your home. They will then present the proper treatment, which may include conventional foundation treatments, tent fumigation, non-tent treatments, tape and seal fumigation, heat treatments, and even vault fumigation for valuable furniture.

White Glove Services

Nobody wants to go through the hassle of having to tent their home. Preparing landscaping, bagging food, and all the other tasks that need to be done, just so you can leave for a few days and return home to the mess. Nozzle Nolen understands your concerns and has created a “White Glove” service, so you don’t have to prep for the fumigation. We will handle all the details from bagging food and medications to preparing the landscaping that needs to be done before the day of the fumigation. Then, when it is over, we put everything back in order so it’s almost as if we were never there. Best of all – the termites will be gone!

Termite Prevention

Of course it is always best to protect your home before termites invade your most valued investment. Our guaranteed 365 COMPLETE Home Protection Plan program uses state-of-the-art technology to eliminate colonies in the surrounding area such as the Trelona® termite baiting system. With Nozzle Nolen’s 365 COMPLETE protection program, our termite specialists will inspect your home annually. And, if termites return, so will we to take care of any issues free of charge.