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Summer in South Florida is the time to get outside and enjoy the water, sun, and more. Unfortunately, numerous pests feel the same way, and service calls for Palmetto bug exterminator services skyrocket because of these problematic pests. If you are worried about the types of bugs in and around your house, the pest control experts at Nozzle Nolen are here to help.

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Why Palmetto Bugs are Targeted by Cockroach Exterminator Services

You don’t need to be an entomologist (someone who studies bugs) to understand that a variety of cockroaches can infest your home and yard. One of the biggest misconceptions about Palmetto bugs is that they are a single species of pest. Palmetto bugs are usually American cockroaches that can live inside or outside of the home. However, there are a number of roaches that can wreak havoc in your living spaces.

If it’s an American cockroach, then it can range in size up to a terrifying three inches in length. They’ll look for food anywhere but prefer damp areas in the kitchen, garage, and attic. Outside, you may catch them hanging out in flower beds and certain types of trees. That includes the palmetto tree from which they get their name.

However, there are more dangerous variants of roach that you might find if you’re looking for palmetto pest control services. The worst are German cockroaches: they’re the smallest, reproduce quickly, and are resistant to older types of traps and baits. You may also face the larger Oriental and Brown-banded cockroaches.

Diseases Carried by Palmetto Bugs and Roaches

In addition to leaving fecal matter all over the place, shedding skin, and generally being disgusting to look at, there are health reasons for choosing professional Palmetto bug control. They are significant disease vectors which can include:

While many of these are considered “food-borne” pathogens, roaches can play a key role in spreading these in your home and around your property. These pests can also trigger allergies, asthma, and other respiratory conditions. 

Preventing and Limiting Infestations

There is one thing to remember about cockroaches—American scientists believed that cockroaches, which have been around for hundreds of millions of years, would be one of the few species to survive a nuclear war. As such, trying to contain them is a reasonable goal and may require ongoing treatments to control their spread.

In addition to properly setting traps, there are several steps that homeowners can take to limit cockroaches’ favorite places to enter and congregate in the home. These include:

  1. Fixing leaky pipes and holes and cracks in your home’s exterior
  2. Re-sealing window frames (which can also help limit other pests)
  3. Always cleaning food preparation and eating areas as soon as you’re done

Unfortunately, even with these steps, roaches are opportunistic and may be attracted to dry waste or parts of your home that are warmer than the outside. Between this and the difficulty of setting traps in the attractive nooks and crannies of your house may make it worth your while to work with an expert roach control company.

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Get Full-Spectrum Pest Control with 365 Complete

At Nozzle Nolen, we understand that roaches carry disease and are an unsightly addition to any home. Our 365-day Complete Home Protection Plan includes treatments for infestation by these insects as well as other common South Florida pests, including:

  • Termites
  • Lawn pests
  • Ants
  • Wasp, hornets and bees
  • And others

With protection against several different types of pests, you’ll have the peace of mind of knowing that your home and property are protected against these nuisances with Green Shield certified processes that are safe for your loved ones and pets.

We offer seasonal treatments to stay ahead of the breeding seasons of each of these pests. In addition, you have 24/7 access to pest control technicians if you need help with an infestation at any other time. This is much more than just a service, this is all inclusive protection with guaranteed peace of mind.

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