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Every lawn, plant and palm, as living organisms, must find nutrients in the soil for health and growth. Nozzle Nolen’s soil fertility program is specifically designed for South Florida soils. Our custom blended fertilizer raises nutrient levels in the soil while protecting palms and ornamental plants from micro-nutrient deficiencies. Our combination of dry and liquid fertilizers allows us to “spoon feed” your property, keeping the protection of the environment as a focus while we encourage proper growth for the health of your grass and plants.

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Lawn Pests

Along with the pests that attack your lawn, such as chinch bugs, sod webworms, and grubs, there are also pests that live in the grass and attack you and your pets. Controlling fire ants, fleas, and ticks takes regular treatments to keep these nuisance pests out of your yard. Nozzle Nolen includes the control of all these pests in our lawn programs. From the Super Turf program down to an insect-only service, we have you covered.

Weed Control

The appearance of our South Florida lawn can be adversely affected by the presence of weeds. Though their presence may be a sign of other issues such as excess water or lack of nutrition, many of these can be controlled through a regular weed control program. Nozzle Nolen’s Super turf program includes both pre-emergent and post-emergent control measures to lower weed populations and improve the appearance of your property.

Ornamental Shrubs and Plants

Many exotic plants can thrive in our sub-tropical climate, and for this reason it is limitless what types of plants can be installed to enhance the appearance of your property. Unfortunately, with these plants come many “Exotic” pests to attack them, diminish their appearance or even cause their death. Nozzle Nolen’s Plant protection program protects them from insect infestation while regular fertilization keeps them strong to assist in the fight. For many pests our “Systemically” applied materials are surgically directed right to the root zone to be introduced into the plant.


Palm trees are what give our South Florida properties that “Tropical” look and improves not only the appearance but value of our home. Although palms appear to be maintenance free, they too need regular and specific nutrient supplementation for proper growth and vigor. Nozzle Nolen’s Palm program provides nutrient and pest protection right to the root zone where it can provide immediate benefits to the palm.