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Professional Lawn Care Services in South Florida Will Keep Your Property Looking Beautiful Year-Round

Is Your Lawn This Green?

Nozzle Nolen's LAWN CARE Program Covers:

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is designed specifically to strengthen the soils of South Florida and protect palm trees and ornamental plants from micro-nutritional deficiencies. Dry and liquid fertilizers are combined to protect the environment while feeding your lawn.


Eliminates chinch bugs, sod webworms, grubs, aphids, and other insects that feed on your lawn, as well as insects that may bite humans or pets, such as fire ants, fleas, and ticks.

A picture of a healthy lawn due to Nozzle Nolen’s Super Turf complete lawn care service
A palm tree whose fronds are turning yellow and brown from a palm tree disease in Florida

Weed Control

combines pre-emergent and post-emergent control of weeds. It prevents the over-watering or nutrient deficit that can cause weeds to proliferate.

Plants and Ornamental Shrubs

such as the exotic plants that thrive in the South Florida climate, attract specific types of insects that can damage or kill them. Regular fertilization and the right material applied directly to the roots help prevent these pests.

Palm Trees

in South Florida are affected by many diseases that are difficult to detect, so even seemingly healthy trees can be at risk. Applying the right nutrient supplement keeps them healthy and growing.

Disease and fungus

Brown patch, dollar spot, fairy rings, and other common lawn diseases are caused by fungus, not lack of water or nutrients.

dirt lawn
A lush health lawn treated with professional lawn care services.

Seasonal variation

When lawns start waking up in early spring, they’re hungry for nutrients and need fertilizer to strengthen their roots. By late spring and early summer, the lawn may need another dose of fertilizer along with some weed prevention. Summer’s high heat, drought, and peak insect activity stress the grass, so another application of fertilizer may be needed. Fall is a time of recovery for the grass and preparation for dormancy during the winter, but it’s also one of the most important times to fertilize.


Every aspect of tending to a home’s lawn and landscaping in South Florida is more complicated than it may appear at first.

A: For automatic sprinklers, October 15 to April 15, ½ inch twice per week. April 15 to October 15 ¾ inch 3 times per week. Caution: watering when not needed leads to disease and nutrient loss.

A: With a complete dry fertilizer you can apply 4 times per year. Note: blackout areas do not allow Nitrogen or Phosphorus applications (June 1-September 30)


A: A vigorous lawn is the best defense. Mow at the correct height, water when needed and watch for damaging insects and diseas


A: Bad chinch bugs, sod webworms and grubs. Good earwigs, lady bugs.


A: Some spots in your lawn may dry out faster than the rest, a little extra irrigation when needed.


A: The darker the color of the soil in the root zone the better.

Taking a do-it-yourself approach to lawn care in South Florida too often comes down to a guessing game. Don’t leave the fate of your home’s lawn and landscaping to trial and error. The most effective and economical way to ensure your lawn is the envy of the neighborhood is by signing up for Nozzle Nolen’s Yard Defense or Green Medal Pro lawn care services.

A certified lawn care specialist will evaluate your yard’s condition and devise a lawn care plan that’s customized to your needs.

Nozzle Nolen Lawn Care Programs


Nozzle Nolen’s Yard Defense program, PLUS our soil fertility program, PLUS our weed abatement program. Based on the time of the year, as well as your lawn’s specific needs, we will apply our custom blended fertilizer to encourage a healthy lawn while keeping focused on the protection of the environment. We will also apply pre-emergent and post-emergent on a seasonal and as needed basis to lower the weed population and improve the appearance of your lawn. Our lawn experts will advise you on the proper watering and mowing methods to keep your lawn looking great. Service is performed monthly.


Environmentally conscious protection from lawn pests. We will inspect and advise on conducive conditions and apply insecticide as deemed necessary. Service is performed every other month.​

Getting Started with Nozzle Nolen

Caring for lawns in South Florida isn’t exactly rocket science, but it still entails having a thorough understanding of the region’s many turf and plant varieties. So why leave the health of your lawn to chance when affordable professional lawn care services for South Florida are a click or phone call away? The Green Medal Pro bundle may be just the ticket for your lawn and landscaping.

Nozzle Nolen has provided professional lawn care services in South Florida for more than seven decades. If you are ready to take the guesswork out of your lawn maintenance and hand it over to the professionals, give us a call at 800.226.6536 or Contact Us. We look forward to serving you. 

Our Lawn Care Service Area

Nozzle Nolen provides lawn care services to the following locations in Southeast Florida and surrounding areas:

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