Get Bed Bug Treatment In South Florida You Can Trust from Nozzle Nolen

Bed bugs are noxious, painful, and unpleasant. Unfortunately, thanks to the tropical environment of South Florida, we also get a completely separate species that thrive in this weather. Regardless of which is causing problems on your property, Nozzle Nolen is here to help with trusted experts to handle your bed bug control needs.

How to Spot a Bed Bug

Being bit by bed bugs doesn’t necessarily have to hurt, so ensuring that you are dealing with the right insect is critical. If you detect the following, contact a bed bug control expert at Nozzle Nolen immediately:

These are the most common signs, but you can count on an entomologist-trained technician to find any remaining hotspots of activity to track.

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Where Do Bed Bugs Come From?

Unlike many pests, we know that bed bugs are a people-borne insect. They come in with luggage or furniture or simply on clothes or socks. So when you are looking for bed bug control services from the experts in South Florida, you’ll get help establishing the source so that you can avoid new infestations! To note just how resilient these pests are, they had nearly been eradicated 50 years ago. However, according to the CDC, they have made a very strong comeback since the 1980s as they have become resistant to some pesticides, and humans have started traveling internationally and domestically more frequently. 

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The Most Effective Bed Bug Treatment: Heat

There are three options for bed bug treatment: preventive care (mattress cases and monitors), chemical treatment, and heat treatment. Many pest management companies will offer sprays, powders, and other chemical means. However, chemical treatments may not be the right choice for your situation for several reasons. First, bed bugs are excellent at hiding in any nook and cranny they can, and chemical treatments need to reach them to be effective. This means removing as many barriers as possible to ensure the chemicals make it to where the bedbugs are hiding. Unfortunately, even if the chemicals reach the bed bugs, they are only effective against live bedbugs and do nothing to bed bug eggs. Multiple treatments will need to be applied over several days, which can be inconvenient and intrusive. 

Heat treatment is the most effective way to rid your home of bedbugs. Pest control specialists will slowly raise the temperature of your home to 130°F with specialized heaters. At this temperature, bed bugs and their eggs die instantly. The process is discreet and is completed in a day. So, for the most effective bed bug treatment, choose heat treatment with Nozzle Nolen for:

  • Full bed bug eradication
  • Safe, same-day treatment
  • One-visit efficacy

Why Choose Nozzle Nolen’s Bed Bug Control Experts

Nozzle Nolen’s bed bug control team has decades of experience dealing with these difficult-to-treat pests. So you can count on us with a 30-day guarantee and follow-up inspections just in case. We even offer a 90-day extended warranty to ensure complete peace of mind.

Get bed bug control that’s safe for the whole family and proven to work. Nozzle Nolen has served South Florida property owners for more than 70 years. Call us at 800.226.6536, or Contact Us for your free evaluation. We look forward to serving you.