Trusted bed bug treatment & extermination in south florida by nozzle nolan

It’s no secret that bed bugs are a nuisance, especially in South Florida’s tropical climate. Nozzle Nolen offers expert bed bug control services to tackle these pests effectively.

Recognizing bed bug infestations: sign to look for

Recognizing Signs of Bed Bug Infestation

Being bitten by bed bugs doesn’t always cause pain, so it’s crucial to identify the right insect as fast as possible. If you notice these signs, contact a bed bug control expert at Nozzle Nolen without delay:

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Understanding the origins of bed bugs and preventing infestations

Bed bugs differ from many pests as they are primarily transported by humans. They hitch rides on luggage, furniture, clothes, or socks. We offer not only premier bed bug control services in South Florida, but we also help trace the source to prevent new infestations. Despite their near eradication 50 years ago, bed bugs have resurged since the 1980s due to pesticide resistance and increased human travel.

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The ultimate bed bug treatment: heat

When combating bed bugs, you have three treatment options:

  • Preventive care (such as mattress cases and monitors)
  • Chemical treatment
  • Heat treatment

While chemical solutions are common, they have limitations. Bed bugs are good at hiding,
making it challenging for chemicals to reach them effectively. In addition, chemicals only target
live bed bugs, leaving eggs untouched. This necessitates multiple treatments over several days,
further disrupting your daily life.

In contrast, heat treatment offers much more thorough effectiveness. Pest control specialists elevate your home’s temperature to 130°F using specialized heaters, instantly killing bed bugs and their eggs. This discreet process is completed in a single day, ensuring:

  • Comprehensive bed bug eradication
  • Safe, same-day treatment
  • One-visit efficacy

For the most reliable bed bug treatment, opt for heat treatment with Nozzle Nolen.

Why you should trust nozzle nolen for bed bug treatment

Nozzle Nolen’s bed bug control team has decades of expertise in tackling these resilient pests. With our 30-day guarantee and thorough follow-up inspections, you can trust us to deliver effective solutions. Additionally, we provide a 90-day extended warranty for your peace of mind. Choose Nozzle Nolen for bed bug control that prioritizes safety for your family and delivers proven results. Serving South Florida for over 70 years, we offer reliable service you can depend on.

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