TAP Insulation Pest Control Services in South Florida

Thermal Acoustical Pest Control Insulation


Prevent bugs, lower your energy costs, keep your home quieter, and limit the spread of fire.
technician spraying insulation

Green Factor

More dense than traditional insulation, TAP (Thermal Acoustic Pest Control Insulation) is proven to lower heating and cooling costs by 30%. TAP is also made from recycled paper making it an environmentally responsible choice.

Temperature & Noise Control

Heat and sound transfer most easily through solid materials, which TAP acoustical insulation is not. TAP fills all the nooks and crannies in your attic and walls, where it efficiently reduces the transmission of sound and temperature, resulting in a more peaceful home.

Pest Control Bonus!

TAP Insulation has an added bonus! The insulation contains fire-resistant borate material, not harmful to the human touch, to keep your attic pest and termite free. This material keeps things dry, which is good for an attic, but creates a hostile environment for insects, preventing them from setting up nests.