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South Florida is a palm paradise.  These idyllic trees provide businesses with the laid-back tropical look you find on postcards. So, it may come as a surprise that out of the 30+ species of palm trees in Florida, only 12 are native, and only two are endemic to the Sunshine State. To preserve our postcard-worthy palms, regular commercial palm tree service is essential. This includes proper hydration and drainage, monitoring for local and exotic pests, and keeping an eye out for dangerous diseases.

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Coconut Leaf Green And Yellow Leaves In The Disease

What Are the Signs of Palm Tree Disease

Unfortunately, it can be hard to tell the difference between two fatal plant diseases, lethal yellowing and lethal bronzing, and the normal progression of older fronds as they brown and are replaced by new ones. However, there are some key differences, including:

  • Rotting plant buds
  • Early fruit dropping
  • Distinct red-to-bronze or yellowing of leaves that should be green.
  • If caught early enough, commercial palm tree service can treat lethal yellowing.

Lethal yellowing can be treated, if detected quickly. However, in the case of lethal bronzing, you will need to remove the tree quickly so it doesn’t affect others. And that doesn’t even touch on the pest issues.

What Are the Signs of Palm Tree Pest Issues?

Numerous insects love to feast on trees here in South Florida. Fortunately, these palm pests leave certain signs that commercial palm tree pest control experts will keep a lookout for, including:

  1. Many palm tree pests will leave streaks of color, either yellow or brown, along fronds they’ve eaten.
  2. Some will also deposit what’s called “honeydew” which is a viscous white liquid.
  3. Others, mainly caterpillars, will remove entire chunks of palm leaves and deposit fibrous black and brown material on the undersides of leaves.
  4. Tunnels or holes bored into the truck.
  5. Gnawing sounds coming from feeding Weevil larvae.

These pests all target different types of palms and are all treated with different insecticides, and these only represent the types of pests that are visible.  Others will make a home in the heart of the palm for their larvae.

Trying to identify which pest is which on your own is a hassle. Experts in commercial palm tree pest control understand which insects are causing which problems and the safest way to treat them.

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How Can Preventive Commercial Palm Tree Care Help Me?

Certified commercial palm tree pest control technicians can identify signs of insects and bacterial disease before they start to cause real damage. In the case of lethal bronzing, identification is crucial. The disease is always fatal, and limiting its spread is the only way to prevent future problems.

The same is true for insects. Your best bet for keeping your palm trees and other foliage safe from palm-specific pests and other bugs is with consistent observation by technicians who can identify potential populations before they become infestations.

Get Commercial Palm Tree Care From the Experts

There are a lot of companies that say they can provide palm tree care and effective commercial lawn care, but we have been saying and doing it for more than 70 years. We have a full fleet of sprayers and experienced technicians trained on proper fertilization of South Florida foliage, including the specific needs of commercial palm tree care. 

The Nozzle Nolen Difference

Lawn care and ornamental tree and foliage care go hand in hand. Still, few understand the risks of insects and the critical nature of commercial palm tree pest control. But we do, because we live here and have seen and treated each new bug and disease that pops up in our South Florida paradise.

Nozzle Nolen can provide your business with a free confidential quote on commercial palm tree care alongside our expert lawn care program. Call 800.226.6536 or Contact Us. We look forward to serving you.