Professional COMMERCIAL Cockroach Control IN SOUTH FLORIDA

Leave the Commercial Cockroach/Palmetto Bug Control & Removal for South Florida Businesses to the Experts

Any insects in your place of business are bad news, but professional roach extermination teams know that if you can see even a few cockroaches, your infestation is much larger than you initially thought. With their ability to bring in pestilence and freak out visitors and customers, you need to act quickly before they impact your business’s bottom line. So let Nozzle Nolen be your guide to commercial cockroach control.

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Basics of Cockroaches and Their Life Cycles

Cockroaches are some of the most common pests in Florida, especially the German and American variants. They range in size from about half an inch all the way up to two inches. They generally only like to venture out at night or in darkness when possible. What many don’t know is that even the slightest signs of them are usually an indication of a much bigger problem.

Wondering how to spot an infestation on the rise? The best place to start is to be aware of the signs. For example, roaches shed their skin eight times in their lifespan, so you may notice roach skin or droppings, which is an obvious sign of an infestation. Smears or small pellets may be visible in the grout between tiles by toilets, under leaky sinks, and near other water sources. You may also notice a deep smell that is the sign of a larger infestation.

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Risks of Prolonged Cockroach Infestations

Cockroaches tend to track things through their path like an overzealous dog, and, unfortunately, this can include bacteria that cause bacterial infections or asthma in children. They can also carry parasitic worms from human and other fecal matter and several other types of diseases.

More importantly, because they are nocturnal and hide in small spaces, they can cause untold trauma and loss of business from terrified customers. They’re dirty creatures, and customers and tenants are much less likely to want to continue using your space for their needs unless you invest in professional roach extermination and other techniques to control the problem.

Protecting Your Property from Cockroaches

There are steps that you can take to reduce the likelihood of an infestation and are essential to professional roach removal. As with most other burrowing insects, business property owners will want to focus on two key areas:

Water and Food Sources—Eliminating moisture in South Florida may seem impossible, given our storms and near-constant humidity. Still, while cockroaches can feed on anything from papers to candy wrappers, they can only survive for a week without water. So try to fix leaky plumbing and ensure that cleanup procedures limit standing water.

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Nozzle Nolen a professional commercial cockroach extermination company inspects commercial structure.

Shelter and Ingress—If cockroaches cannot get into food preparation areas or rest facilities, it certainly cuts down on the amount of them you’re likely to see. Of course, that can be easier said than done, but sealing gaps in doors and windows with screens and caulking can go a long way. Make sure also to check around wiring and piping, and even electrical outlets, as these areas can be prime entry points for cockroaches.

Professional Roach Extermination Services

If you believe that you have a large population of unwanted pests, getting professional help through commercial cockroach control is the only real way to ensure that you will see a drastic reduction. Pest management professionals use a multi-step process to go after these disgusting creatures that includes:

It is often only with integrated pest management techniques and vigilance that we are able to see a real reduction in these harmful insects.

Get Covered with Nozzle Nolen

Whether you need help with professional roach removal or ongoing pest issues, the trusted pest management professionals at Nozzle Nolen are here to help. We’ve served South Florida for 70 years, protecting businesses from roaches, rodents, and myriad other pests that make their way into structures every day.

We’re available for both infestations and ongoing maintenance treatments so that your occupants and tenants feel safe and secure on your property. Nozzle Nolen pledges that if any of them make it back onto your property, we will be out there in 24 hours or less to deal with the problem and ensure that it does not occur again.

As the only locally-owned and operated pest control provider that is Green Shield-certified, we are committed to using the latest in commercial cockroach control techniques that are environmentally friendly as well. Call us at 800-226-6536 or Contact Us for a confidential evaluation.