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70 Years of South Florida Success with Nozzle Nolen

Many companies offer commercial lawn care services in South Florida. However, very few combine the decades of experience Nozzle Nolen can offer with the capabilities to handle huge properties. Our fleet of spray rigs, spreaders, and vehicles of all capacities will ensure your landscape stays green and free of pests all year round.

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Fertilizing Your Commercial Property’s Landscape

Your property’s lawn, shrubs, hedges, and other ornamental plants are all living organisms that need the right amount of water, sun, and nutrients to thrive. However, they also need special blends of fertilizer applied at the right time, as well as checkups for water needs throughout the year. Nozzle Nolen’s focus on fertility includes specially-blended fertilizer mixtures to ensure your greenery thrives all year-round. While you can buy retail fertilizer that will do the job (with varying degrees of effectiveness), you will not get the customizations and slow-release variations that Nozzle Nolen has on offer. 

Whether you own or manage an office, restaurant, hotel, or another commercial facility, we provide decades of experience to our clients in industries like:

Treating Lawn Pests, Fungus, and Disease

Your commercial lawn care provider must understand how to deal with lawn pests because even a small amount of turf destroying insect damage can quickly spoil your beautiful landscape. Whether your property is at risk for:

Our processes help limit pests before they can become infestations. Nozzle Nolen’s decades of experience in integrated pest management and lawn care services will protect your property while keeping your commercial green spaces pristine.

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Fungus and Disease

As a living thing, your lawn can fall victim to disease and fungus. Controlling these issues can be difficult if you cannot correctly identify which is causing the problem. Drought, lawn pests, and brown patch can all look very similar, but require different treatments. A trained lawn care professional will be able to identify what is causing the brown patches in your lawn and provide treatment to get it looking healthy and green again.

Ornamental Shrubs and Plants

Our tropical climate lends itself to plants and shrubs that help provide that lush South Florida look. Unfortunately, they are also prone to invasive pest species not controlled by regular management. To protect ornamental shrubs and palm trees, get commercial lawn care services that include exotic plant protection, like Nozzle Nolen’s, that help them stay fit and beautiful.


When people think about South Florida, they think of palm trees. They provide that tropical look and feel and are an iconic part of where we live.  However, these trees are not maintenance-free, and every variety of palm tree has special care needs to keep them healthy.

Palm trees need the right balance of alkaline and acidity in the soil. Drainage needs to be maintained, and appropriate fertilizers need to be applied to keep them looking lush and tropical. Lethal yellowing and bronzing is another subject Palm lovers need to be aware of.  Once these diseases take hold, little can be done.  Education and prevention are our best defense.

Nozzle Nolen’s Palm program provides pest protection, nutrients, and know-how to keep the palm trees on your property looking tropical and healthy year-round.

Weed Control

If you have weeds or pests infesting your property, then you need both treatment and prevention. Nozzle Nolen’s commercial lawn care team understands that incorrect irrigation levels, fertilizer deployment, and other issues can lead to weed growth throughout commercial properties. We can help fix the problem and keep it from affecting your property in the future.

Lawn Care For a Great First Impression

Let’s face it, first impressions are everything in the business world, and what better way to make a great first impression than having a pristinely manicured lawn. Whether it be an HOA, apartment complex,commercial building, or a strip mall, the first thing your customer will see is how you maintain your property. It’s a sign that the business owner pays attention to detail and takes pride in their work. On top of that, a beautifully landscaped property maintained by a lawn care professional will likely drive in more local customers than the unkept business down the road.

Nozzle Nolen can provide commercial lawn care services for numerous businesses including:

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For seven decades, Nozzle Nolen has served the commercial lawn care needs of the most demanding South Florida customers, including sports fields, healthcare facilities, and more. Get the right combination of lawn maintenance, weed control, and integrated pest management that fits your needs. Call 1.800.226.6536 or Contact Us. We look forward to serving you.