Florida’s Marine Pest Control Services

Everyone is supposed to ask the captain, “Permission to come aboard?” But rats, mice, termites, and other vermin don’t. So if you want to protect your reputation and ensure your guests and passengers are safe, count on the marine pest control services experts at Nozzle Nolen.

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Why Do South Florida Boats Attract Pests?

There’s a lot to love about boating along Florida’s Atlantic coast. The warm weather, the shelter from the occasional storm, and refreshments for everyone on board, to name a few. Unfortunately, those are the same benefits that can bring pests on board. Specifically, termites love the interior wood of your boat, especially when in shadier areas out of the sun.

Other pests will find their way aboard looking for a meal or a warm place to nest. Our marine pest control team often finds rodents holed up deep in the engine compartment. They come aboard looking for food and then make a home after realizing that getting back to shore wasn’t worth it. Uncleaned fishing bait can attract roaches which can quickly become a problem.

Signs You Need Boat Pest Control Services

Termites, beetles, and other insects are not the loudest creatures we deal with, so you’ll want to check for visual evidence. These include:

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Drywood termites work quickly, so you could be at risk for substantial damage to your vessel if you don’t act quickly to get the problem fixed. 

The same is also true for rodents, which can be identified by:

You may also have larger animals, like possums or raccoons, especially if you run a charter operation or have recently had a get-together on board. Get help before these pests have a chance to chew through your boat’s interior.

Nozzle Nolen’s Marine Pest Control Keeps Your Boat Secure

The team at Nozzle Nolen recognizes that it’s not about us, and it’s not about the pests—it’s about getting you back on the water. We offer a variety of treatment methods to treat for any pest you may come across.  We have been helping South Florida boat lovers keep their vessel pest-free for over 70 years. 

If you need marine pest control services, trust the experts. Call us at 800.226.6536 or Contact Us to ensure you stay on the water pest-free. We look forward to serving you.