Rodent Control Services

A Gnawing Problem


Protect your investment from damage and your loved ones from potential disease.
technician applying residential rat prevention

Rodent Removal & Monitoring

Rodents are a common part of the outdoor environment. When rodent activity becomes noticeable on your property, you need to take steps to protect yourself and your home from invasion. Nozzle Nolen’s rodent specialists will inspect your home and capture, remove, and monitor for signs of ongoing activity.

Prevention & Remediation

If rodent activity is found inside the home or attic, steps must be taken to stop them from returning, as future rodents will follow the same path as the previous invaders. Nozzle Nolen’s rodent control experts will fill all exterior access points – from the roof down – to prevent future intrusions. After the home is sealed, steps must be taken to minimize the risk of exposure to disease from the rodent feces left behind. Sterilization of the attic space can be as simple as a mist treatment or, in some cases, it may require insulation removal and replacement with a high-density blown “TAP” (Thermal Acoustical Pest Control) Insulation.