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Honey, We Have a Problem


Nozzle Nolen is the best choice for wasp, hornet, and bee control..

wasp near flower

Bees & Wasps

While you love bees as pollinators, taking care of the flowers and plant-based foods around the globe, you do not want them in your home. Close proximity to a bee or wasp nest can be dangerous, especially for those who may be allergic. That is why you should always choose a professional to remove them from your property. Nozzle Nolen’s highly trained bee and wasp specialists are skilled at treatment and removal of these stinging insects, even the hybridized species we now find in our area like the Africanized honeybee.

Removal & Treatment

A Nozzle Nolen certified inspector will assess the bee or wasp activity on your property. Since the honeybee is a protected species, treatment will not be possible if the bees are simply pollinating flowers on your trees or plants. However, if a nest is found in the home, we will tailor the treatment so that we eliminate the colony and keep them from returning.