Commercial Mosquito Control Services

keep your business bug free

Don't let mosquito bites ruin A customer's experience

Nozzle Nolen’s mosquito control services significantly reduce mosquito activity around businesses in South Florida.
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Professional Mosquito Control

When Nozzle Nolen inspects a property for mosquitoes, we first look for areas that are conducive to mosquito breeding. Eliminating the mosquito breeding grounds is our first priority as it is these mosquitoes that are vectors of the various diseases such as Zika, Malaria, Yellow Fever, etc.

Our next priority is to treat the day-time resting areas to control the populations of adult mosquitoes on your property. To do that, we use a special mosquito fogger and/or mosquito buckets to eliminate the adult mosquitoes that are present and aid in controlling any future populations.

PROTECT Your Customers and STAFF

Mosquitoes carry a wide variety of diseases. Citronella torches and bug zappers are not effective ways to control the overall population of insects near your property. Let Nozzle Nolen eliminate the mosquitoes and protect your business against:


Nozzle Nolen will ensure a significant reduction in the mosquito population at outdoor restaurants, amphitheaters, event facilities, and other recreational properties. Contact us to schedule your free inspection today.