Commercial Bed Bug Treatment Services

Don’t Let Them Bite!


A bite is not the lasting impression you want to leave on your customers. Nozzle Nolen can resolve your issue quickly.
close up photo of bed bug

The Bed Bug

These biting insects can show up in just about any location, such as hotels, public transportation, day care centers, hospitals, and assisted living facilities – no one is immune to the risks. Once brought into your business, they quickly find places to hide. Bed bugs can be as small as the slot of a screw head, meaning they can make their home along the edges of a waiting room couch or chair, or even behind pictures on the wall. Bed bugs may go unnoticed, leaving only the telltale brown stains on furniture and red welts on the skin. Often mistaken for a mosquito bite, it usually appears in straight-line patterns, with a few bites in a row.

Bed Bug Treatment

Many other companies provide a liquid pesticide treatment, which does not allow you to use your furniture until it is dry. Nozzle Nolen uses a safe and environmentally friendly heat treatment to control all the bed bugs in just one visit. Heating the room up to 140 degrees for six hours eradicates the bed bugs. This allows you to continue to use your office as soon as it returns to your preferred temperature. For heavier infestations, we also offer a whole- structure fumigation, and for small, isolated incidences, we offer the conventional treatment as well.