Environmentally Safe Pest Control: What is it?

April 15, 2024

One question homeowners often ask is whether pest control is environmentally safe. Everyone wants to keep their house free from pests, but are there any dangerous chemicals involved? 

Pest control encompasses much more than simply spraying chemicals. Just keeping your home clean and tidy is a form of pest control!  

At Nozzle Nolen, we always take an environmentally sensitive approach to our treatments, including offering “green” treatment options. Read more about our Environmentally Friendly Pest Control services.

In this blog post, we’ll address some common pest control safety concerns and questions. 

pest control technician spraying pesticide

Is pest control safe?

Pest control can always be safe when done properly and under the supervision of professionals. Environmentally Safe (or friendly) pest control refers to methods of managing pests that minimize risks to human health and the environment.

To limit the use of potentially harmful chemicals, pest control experts like Nozzle Nolen use the Integrated Pest Management (IPM) method. This approach combines eradication and prevention to reduce the use of pesticides. Prevention means taking proactive measures to make the environment inhospitable to pests and prevent infestations from occurring in the first place. The phases of IMP are:

  • Inspection – Identifying specific pests and monitoring their populations.
  • Identification – Determining the best control methods for the identified pests.
  • Treatment – Implementing the chosen control methods, which may include targeted chemical treatments, physical removal, exclusion, and habitat modification.

Non-chemical pest control treatments 

You can ask your pest control technician about non-chemical and eco-friendly pest control treatment options. Some of these options you can implement on your own include: 

  • Chemical-free remedies like essential oils and natural repellents like peppermint oil, vinegar, and citrus peels can deter pests due to their strong scents. 
  • Physical barriers and traps, such as door sweeps, window screens, sticky traps, and light traps can prevent pests or capture insects without chemicals. 
  • Ongoing cleaning, sanitation, and maintenance to eliminate food, water, and shelter for pests is one of the simplest and most effective pest control methods! 

Are pest control sprays safe?

On the other hand, if you’re thinking about using or have been using pest control chemical sprays, you’d be better off working with a technician. Professional pest control technicians are trained in the proper handling, application, and storage of pesticides. They know which products to use for specific pests and how to apply them safely and effectively. They also have access to professional-grade products that are often more effective than store-bought pesticides. Techs can also tell you when it’s safe to re-enter the house or treated area. Based on the treatment they’ll let you know when the product will dry and will be safe for children or pets. 

Other areas of concern   

As a parent or pet owner, keeping your loved ones safe is always a top priority. But don’t worry, pest control can still be done safely in homes with pregnant women, nursing moms, babies, and pets. Using non-chemical pest control methods is preferred, but you can still use chemical pesticides as long as you’re limiting exposure. Make sure to talk to your pest control technician if you have any of these special concerns.  

For pregnant and nursing people 

To minimize health risks, pregnant people should not apply pesticides. Your tech can let you know when it’s safe to return to the treated area. Nursing moms should minimize direct exposure to treated areas until sprays have dried completely. 

For toddlers and babies 

To protect toddlers and babies (especially if they’re crawling around), remove baby toys or blankets from the room beforehand, and keep children out of treated rooms or areas until completely dried. 

For cats and dogs 

Similar to kiddos, you’ll want to keep your cats, dogs, or pets away from the treated area. If they accidentally walk on the treated area before it dries, wipe down their paws to limit exposure. Also remove any pet food, water, or toys from the area before treatment.   

At Nozzle Nolen, your family’s safety is our top priority. To practice environmentally safe pest control, start with prevention, and if chemical methods have to be used, trust the professionals. We’ll be here when you need us! 

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