Is Pest Control Safe for Pets?

November 4, 2021
Pest technician uses a pest control method that is safe for pets)
Pets are an important part of the family, keep them safe with pest control that is safe for pets.

Many people ask us whether or not the techniques we use to rid their properties of rodents, insects, and other frustrating creatures are going to put their families at risk. The answer is—certainly not. When it comes to making pest control safe for pets, working with an experienced pest management service can be crucial to ensure your loved ones, furry and not, are protected throughout the process.

Making Pest Control Safe for Pets

The Environmental Protection Administration issues regulations designed to minimize the amount of dangerous chemical exposure for humans and animals. As a result, the gold standard for reducing impact is a proactive plan called Integrated Pest Management.

This incorporates property inspection, monitoring, and reports focusing on preventing infestations before they require the use of pesticides and other treatments.

Working with a preventive plan is the first and most important step in limiting the possibility that your pet will have access to chemicals.

Termites, bed bugs, rodents, and other creatures do, on occasion, get past these barrier techniques, and that’s where caution can help ensure your pest control is safe for pets.

How to Protect Cats and Dogs

Happy pets whose owners used pest control safe for pets

If you are trying to handle exterminating rodents or other annoyances yourself, it can be unclear whether pest control is safe for pets. You need to make sure that you keep insect bait and bait stations for rodents away from dogs and cats. Dogs who go outside will also tend to go after fertilizer/pesticide mixes, so be wary if you use them on your lawn or in your garden.

If you are treating local infestations, you can still use many sprays within the home. What you will want to do is ensure that pets are in a crate or housed in rooms not undergoing treatment. When it comes to sprays or liquids we recommend you give the application time to dry before your pet returns to the area. This may take one to two hours, depending on what you use, so read the instructions carefully. 

In addition, be sure that any food, water, treats, and toys are moved to a safe environment as these can often be left in the area in need of treatment.

Another way of dealing with this issue is to use a certified pest management professional and let them know what kind of pets you have. They have experience working with human and furry friends of the family and can give you tips about how to avoid contact with the treatment solutions. They may also choose to use stations outside the home more aggressively to prevent inside issues in the first place.

Exotic Pets

A pet bird safe after pest control services
There are steps to make sure pest control is safe for exotic pets, too.

Many families in South Florida keep lizards, snakes, birds, and fish in addition to domesticated cats and dogs. Each animal has different responses to pest control methods used by specialists, but some protection methods are similar.

Whether you have a pet who lives in a cage, terrarium, or a tank, you want to ensure that they are not exposed to any pest treatment solutions by placing them outside or in rooms where you or a certified professional are not performing treatments. For further safety, you will want to cover up any tanks and cages until the process is done and the spray or liquid has had time to dry.

In the case of some lizards, you will need to be wary about taking them out if you have recently received treatment for an infestation of insects that may be appetizing to them. Be sure to consult with a pest management professional if you have any concerns.

Ensure Safe Pest Control for Pets with Nozzle Nolen

Nozzle Nolen has 70 years of experience serving South Florida families and their furry, feathered, and scaled members, too! We recognize that integrated pest management and ensuring that pests do not enter your home in the first place is the best way to keep pesticides away from your loved ones, regardless of how many legs they use to walk. 

We have decades of experience dealing with all types of pests and environments, including termites, rodents, insects, and many others.  We have the knowledge and expertise to treat them while ensuring your pet is safe.

Our 365 Complete Plan is a pest prevention plan designed to protect you, your family, and your pets against more than 20 of South Florida’s most common pests. If we do need to treat inside your house, our solutions are diluted to a level safe for pests, but be sure to make us aware of any pets in the home. 

To learn more about Nozzle Nolen’s IPM practices and ensure your pest control is safe for pets, call 800.226.6536 or Contact Us for a free evaluation. We look forward to serving you.

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