Trusted Pest Prevention Services for South Florida Homes

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Get Trusted Pest Prevention Services with 365 Complete Home Protection Plan

There are so many nuisance insects and pests in South Florida, that trying to remediate each one individually can seem like way too much. Nozzle Nolen is here to help with our 365 Complete Home Protection Plan. Think of it as a year-round policy guarding you against more than 20 of the most common and invasive pests around your home and property. We provide coverage against:

Nozzle Nolen leverages its seven decades of experience to combine our preventive treatments into four seasonal maintenance visits, along with an unlimited number of follow-ups. So you don’t have to worry about noxious spraying each month or unsightly traps around your property. Instead, we’ll devise a custom plan that focuses on exterior control and access to your home by these insects and rodents.
Your home and property are more than just an investment—you and your loved ones live here because you enjoy the year-round warm weather and lush vegetation. Unfortunately, plenty of unwanted critters and insects love the Sunshine State as well. Whether you’re dealing with an infestation or looking to prevent them from happening, get trusted pest prevention services for South Florida homes from Nozzle Nolen.

Pest Prevention and Control in South Florida

It’s unfortunate but true that dozens of insect species, rodents, and other pests enjoy the South Florida climate as much as you do. They can range from unsightly to disease-carrying, and managing them is important for both your safety and quality of life. Broadly speaking, pest prevention services for South Florida homes are divided into three areas based on where the problems arise.

Inside Pests

If you have insects or rodents in your home, it can quickly become an emergency. Drywood and subterranean termites cause billions of dollars in damage each year around the country. Cockroaches and Palmetto bugs are unsightly and can exacerbate allergies. Other pests that can make their way into your home include rodents, silverfish, and earwigs. Nozzle Nolen offers comprehensive plans based on any existing infestations, and the scale of damage pests have already caused. Our services include:

Nozzle Nolen’s trusted pest prevention services for South Florida homes are Green Shield certified and safe for loved ones and pets, no matter what problems you currently face. Once the issue is addressed, we can set up a seasonal protection plan for ongoing prevention.

Outside Pests

The worst thing that we see is when a pest that usually lives outside begins to create a nest or colony inside. That’s why Nozzle Nolen helps to limit these critters from entering before they can cause an issue. Specific insects and rodents we protect against include:
We offer a full-spectrum treatment plan based on a free evaluation of your property. By treating outside, we can help you avoid long-term problems by managing these populations at their source.

As pest control professionals, we know that mosquitoes represent one of the most dangerous insect populations, which is why we offer custom pest prevention services for them. Our treatments include using a combination of low-impact misting treatments and preventative mosquito traps that target species based on when they are most active.

Plant and Lawn Pests

If your goal is a luscious lawn and gorgeous garden, you’re not alone. Unfortunately, a number of bugs and rodents look at these as appealing snacks and can quickly ruin your grass, ornamental bushes, or palm trees. Nozzle Nolen’s premium lawn care services include insect control programs that target:

These are just a few of the insect species that love to have their young feast on your outdoor spaces. We offer lawn care, weed control, and insect-only packages based on your needs and the types of plants and foliage you have on your property.

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Nozzle Nolen has provided trusted pest prevention services for South Florida homes for over 70 years. Call us toll-free at 1-800-226-6536 or schedule a free evaluation. Whether you have an existing problem or are interested in future pest prevention, we look forward to serving you and keeping your home and loved ones safe for years to come.