How to Get Rid of Ants in South Florida

December 9, 2021
Ghost ants in South Florida
Learn how to get rid of ants in South Florida, like these ghost ants.

Knowing how to get rid of ants in South Florida requires a bit of knowledge of the different species we have here. Once you have identified the problem, there are some dos and don’ts when it comes to getting rid of an ant problem. Below, we’ve collected some of our top tips to ensure you can keep these pests away from your family and home.

Types of Ants in South Florida

While you don’t need to be an entomologist to deal with an ant problem in your home or on your property, it is helpful to know which type of ant is giving you issues. The main reasons are the level of damage possible to your home and the threat of painful stings to you and your family. Some of the most common variants you might find on your property include:

Ghost Ants – The culprit pictured above, they are very small and translucent, unlike many other species. They enjoy sweets and food high in protein. You can see them looking for food and water in kitchens and bathrooms. If they decide to create a nest in your home, they might be located behind cabinets and in potted plants.

Crazy Ants – Black and Caribbean crazy ants are different in coloring but similar in that they are fast and agile movers. Crazy ants do not bite or sting, but they have been known to travel in colonies well into the thousands.

Carpenter Ants Carpenter ants are named for their love of wood. While they do not actually eat wood, they burrow into it to create nests and are more dangerous to property than other types of ants, in addition to the nuisance factor.
Fire Ants – Fire ants are the most dangerous ants in terms of harm to people and pets. They are very aggressive and protective of their nests and will continue to sting until you have moved well away from them. If you notice a nest without visible entrances on top of the mound, consider calling a pest control expert.

four different types of ants in South Florida

Tips on How to Get Rid of Ants in South Florida

You shouldn’t treat visible ants unless you’ve tracked them to either their food source, water source, or their colony. This is especially true when trying to use ant and roach sprays. The ants that you can see are supporting their colony by searching for and transporting food. If you use ant spray, you may eliminate a few, but there are still thousands more to take their place.

By following their path inside your home, you will likely find the food scraps or garbage they are feasting on. Step one is to eliminate that food source. Then, by following the path in the other direction, you may find where they are entering your home and potentially their colony mound. Then, you’ll want to take three steps:

  1. Place ant bait outside your home This will not immediately lead to all of the ants going away, but the bait will act as a food source that should keep them from coming directly into your house. If they successfully carry enough back, it may be enough to wipe out the entire colony.
  2. Practice exclusionary control This means fixing the crack or gap in your house that provided ants an entrance into your home. If it was just a matter of an open door or window, that could be enough to solve the problem, but it might be best to keep them shut as much as possible until the problem is solved.
  3. Consider treating the nest – If the colony is not known for their painful stings, you may be able to treat them with a combination of boiling water and a carbaryl-based insecticide. These are often granular, so be cautious if the nest is in an area commonly used by children or pets, as they can be harmed by ingesting these chemicals.

Get Professional Help to Get Rid of Ants in South Florida

Ants are unsightly, and some can cause pain from their stings and bites. Unfortunately, trying to deal with an infestation yourself is no easy task. So, get help from the South Florida ant experts at Nozzle Nolen. 

Ant Prevention With 365 Complete

You can trust us to keep you from ever worrying about how to get rid of ants in South Florida in the first place. Our 365-Complete Home Protection plan offers you peace of mind with quarterly treatments that prevent infestations from ever starting. 

Nozzle Nolen has more than 70 years serving South Florida communities. If you are facing an infestation and need to get rid of ants on your property, Contact us today to schedule your free evaluation or call 800-226-6536. We look forward to serving you.

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