Liquid vs. Granular Fertilizer vs. a Quality Blend for South Florida Pest Control

September 2, 2021
Fertilizer providing nutrients to a plant
Knowing when to use liquid vs. granular fertilizer helps gardens thrive.

Several factors go into ensuring a healthy, verdant lawn and garden. Knowing how to deal with the frequent rain storms of spring and fall and the high heat in summer will give South Florida homeowners some peace of mind. However, to protect against yellowed lawns, you need to choose the right nutrition, which means knowing when to use liquid vs. granular fertilizer.

Differences in Liquid vs. Granular Fertilizer

There are numerous brands and blends of fertilizers which makes it very confusing for the average homeowner. However, much like your own shampoo or conditioner, the actual ingredients that make a difference are compounds that add: 

  1. Nitrogen
  2. Phosphorus 
  3. Potassium

With this in mind, there are some key differences in how liquid vs. granular fertilizer differences will affect your lawn and plants.

Granular fertilizers are formed into small pellets or granules, giving them their name. These are designed to be used during a plant or grass’ entire growing season, with each watering releasing more nutrients. Think of it like slow-release vitamins for your lawn where the point is continuous delivery over a long period of time.

Liquid fertilizers are used for spot treatments or adjusting nutrition levels based on the current needs of foliage and lawns. They are blended with water and can be sprayed on plants on an as-needed basis. They can also be combined with anti-pest solutions to protect against animals or insects that feast on your beautiful garden.

liquid vs granular fertilizer

Timing Your Fertilizer Applications for Best Results

Granular fertilizers are typically applied at the beginning of the growing season (at the end of winter or beginning of spring, depending on which plants or grass you are treating). Generally speaking, this only needs to be applied per the manufacturer’s directions at most once or twice per season.

Homeowners needing to address nutritional deficiencies may also want to consider liquid fertilizer blends, especially if they face lawn pest issues like white grubs or similar invasive species. Using the proper ratio of nutrients and insect control products can help ensure that your plants and lawn are at their best regardless of what creatures make their way through your property.

Custom Blends: Liquid vs. Granular Fertilizer

Green thumbs understand that different plants need different types of nutrition. For example, along with your lawn, you may have plants that originate in more tropical climates or thrive in cooler weather. In an ideal world, you would set up a granular fertilizer base for each plant based on their needs.

Then, depending on the rainfall and sunshine of the season, you would treat any nutritional deficiencies with liquid fertilizers. It would also be the time to incorporate any pest control needs, especially for exotic species like palm trees that attract difficult-to-combat insects.

Trying to manage all of those variables can be pretty tricky, however. If you were expecting a low-maintenance yard and time with your family, trying to keep track of potassium and nitrogen levels might not have a lot of appeal. If that’s the case, you may benefit from a combination of pest control and/or fertilizer treatments from trusted professionals.

Get Professional Lawn Care Coverage with Nozzle Nolen

For 70 years, Nozzle Nolen has been the only locally-owned and operated South Florida lawn care and pest control service dedicated to using the latest eco-friendly techniques to keep your property beautiful. We have the experience to provide the most modern lawn and plant care services for your home or business.

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If you have more questions about liquid vs. granular fertilizer give us a call at 1-800-226-6536 or Contact us today to learn more about how a custom lawn care and pest abatement program can keep your property at its best year-round.

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