Do You Really Need a Professional to Keep Your Lawn Healthy?

September 1, 2020

10 Things The Lawn Care Pros Know

We all have our own particular interests. You may be the type of person who enjoys restoring classic cars. For you, there might be nothing more fun than putting a carburetor into a 1964 Aston Martin DB5. But, for someone who doesn’t share your interest, it isn’t fun putting a carburetor into any car, no matter how classic it is. One person’s fun is another’s chore. Lawn care is a lot like this. Some people love to learn about turfgrass, soil, turf diseases, weeds, and bugs. Others do not. But deciding whether or not to invest in lawn care goes beyond the simple question of whether or not you’re interested in doing it. Keeping a lawn lush and green in Port St. Lucie can be quite a challenge.

  1. The lawn care pros know that dollar spot, brown patch, Pythium blight, take-all root rot, and gray leaf spot are the most common turf diseases in South Florida and that they can lead to brown patches, discolored grass, and eventually, the death of a lawn. They also know what products work to protect Florida lawns from these frustrating diseases.
  2. The lawn care pros know the difference between St. Augustine grass, Bahia grass, Bermuda grass, and centipede grass. This may not seem like a big deal, but it is. Each of these grasses need slightly different care. The programs designed by lawn care specialists take into consideration the needs of common grass types.
  3. The lawn care pros know that dollar weed, crabgrass, and Florida pusley are the biggest threat to Florida lawns and that some degree of weed control is usually required to resist them.
  4. The lawn care pros know what pre-emergence is, so you don’t have to. Some weeds are better controlled “before” they take root, especially grassy weeds.
  5. The lawn care pros understand that some weeds must be controlled with chemicals but the right chemicals are chosen for the job and they are applied according to strict safety protocols.
  6. The lawn care pros know what weed pressure is. There is no need to spray every inch of your lawn with chemicals. A trained technician can spot locations that require attention and give them the attention they need.    
  7. The lawn care pros understand that fighting weeds is more than laying weed killer down. It is also about giving your lawn what it needs so that your turfgrass can outcompete the weeds that get into your yard. This requires choosing the right fertilizer for the job. Lawn pros select the best, environmentally friendly liquid fertilizers to promote vigorous and healthy turfgrass growth.
  8. The lawn care pros are also pest control pros. When grubs start to create unsightly patches, the pros know what to do. When chinch bugs cause dead patches, the pros aren’t going to think the grass needs more water. They know what chinch bug damage looks like. When sod webworms emerge, the pros are ready for them. There are many pests that can affect your turfgrass. It is best to let someone who is trained in pest control deal with them.
  9. The lawn care pros know what drought stress is and how to combat its lawn-damaging effects. The Florida sun is often unrelenting. There is nothing more frustrating than spending countless hours making your lawn beautiful, only to have a stretch of dry weather ruin everything. The pros know when to apply products–and what products to apply–to allow your turfgrass to hold more moisture when needed. This will help your lawn stay lush and green when all your neighbors’ grass looks dry and brown.
  10. The lawn care pros know how to take care of trees and shrubs as well. When aphids, whiteflies, thrips, and Sri Lanka weevils attack, your vegetation will have the protection it needs.

At Nozzle Nolen, our team of lawn care pros knows what your lawn needs to thrive here in South Florida. If you’ve considered getting lawn service for your home, reach out to us today to request a free inspection. We’ll help you make your lawn the envy of all your neighbors and give you one less chore to worry about.

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