Quarterly Pest Control Service with Nozzle Nolen

365 TM

Call Now for Year-Round Peace of Mind with 365 Complete

There are dozens of species of insects, rodents, and roaches that love the South Florida climate just as much as you do. Protect your family and property with 365 Complete, the all-new quarterly pest control service from Nozzle Nolen.

With prices starting at just $79, Nozzle Nolen has developed a package that ensures your family, pets, and property are protected from a variety of pests. With our integrated pest management (IPM) approach, we have developed a series of pest management assessments, benchmarks, and controls to manage pests in the most economical way possible. This means no more monthly visits and no more having to guess what you’ll have to pay.

What’s Covered in Your Quarterly Pest Control Package

This all-inclusive bundle covers all of the most common pests that you might face. Our 365 Complete program saves you 30 percent over buying each service separately. Below is what you could expect to pay if you were to buy each as an individual service.

Nozzle Nolen offers comprehensive plans based on any existing infestations, and the scale of damage pests have already caused. Our services include:

Pest ControlledIntegrated Pest Management StepsValue
AntsIdentification, baiting, treatment, prevention.$250+
CockroachesIdentification, baiting, treatment, prevention.$250+
RodentsFull exterior bait box placement and inspection.$150+
Hornets and WaspsHive locating and full eradication.$180+
Drywood TermitesFull attic and crawl space evaluation, including an 8-10 year residual dusting.$595+
Subterranean TermitesFull attic and crawl space evaluation, in-ground bait stations, dusting.$595+

As you can see from the chart, it would get quite expensive if you were to tackle each of these problems individually.  With the Nozzle Nolen 365 Complete Plan, you get all of that and more!

technician spraying for pests outside

Over-the-Top Quarterly Pest Control Service

We use the latest in integrated pest management techniques because, with 70 years of South Florida service, we like to work smarter, not harder. We establish a “perimeter” around your property to make it less appealing to critters of all types and ensure they stay out over time. And rather than monthly visits, we need just four visits per year to protect you and your family.

Nozzle Nolen’s Pet-Friendly and Kid-Friendly Pest Prevention

Family is crucial. Keeping them and your pets safe shouldn’t mean having to expose them to dangerous chemicals. At Nozzle Nolen, we pride ourselves on human and pet-friendly pest management, treatment, and prevention. Our treatments do not require you to leave the house, and we only ask that pets stay away until the treated areas dry. Our treatments are diluted to a 1% concentration, which is effective against pests but safe for you and your pets. You should be able to enjoy your South Florida home pest-free, and we’re here to make that happen safely and effectively.

Get 365 Complete From Nozzle Nolen

Get your quarterly pest control service from the experts and take advantage of our 365 Complete Plan and our No Pest Guarantee. Remember, if the pests return, so do we. 

Nozzle Nolen has served South Florida homeowners for more than 70 years. Call us at 800-226-6536 or Contact Us for your free evaluation.