Marine Pest Control Services

No Bugs Onboard


Nozzle Nolen’s Marine Pest Control Service keeps your boat or yacht pest free.

marine pest control technician inspecting yacht

Chartering a Pest-Free Adventure

Boats are luxurious hangouts for people and pests of all kinds. Left untreated, pests can cause damage to your boat and your reputation.

marine pest control technician inspecting yacht engine room

Marine Vessel Control Methods

Yachts and other sea vessels are not immune to pest issues – from small ant issues and roaches in the galley to bed bugs in the cabins and rodents in the bilge. Your vessel can also be infested with invasive termites such as the Formosan, Asian, and drywood species, and also powderpost beetles. Nozzle Nolen recognizes how important quick control is while also taking care to avoid damage to technical and high-value items. We handle everything from small spot treatments to full vessel “white glove” fumigations, including heat control methods for controlling pests and certifying your vessel before entering a controlled area. You want to put your valued yacht in the hands of a company with experience.

Treatment Plans

Nozzle Nolen knows that life on the water has its unique challenges for treating a variety of pests. Every boat is different, and no two infestations are the same. We can customize a service plan for you, whether you’re here for the weekend or year-round.