Negative Impact Roaches Can Have On Businesses

March 25, 2020

Don’t Let Roaches Ruin Your Reputation

If you own or operate a business, you are probably already aware of what kind of threat cockroaches can have. But, sometimes, there is more to a problem than we first give it credit. Here are a few negative ways cockroaches can affect South Florida businesses, and how they may just be bigger than you think.

1. We all know that cockroaches are common in Florida but…

Cockroaches are a serious problem in the Sunshine State. They are everywhere. It is easy to think that most Floridians just shrug them off. But, not only is this not true, a lot of the customers that come into our business are probably not Floridians. Most businesses here in South Florida benefit from tourism. Tourists aren’t as exposed to cockroaches as we are, and this can have a significant effect on customer approval.

2. We all know that cockroaches cause sickness but…

We’ve been told that cockroaches can make us sick and that they are dirty pests, but do you know how dirty they really are? Cockroaches don’t just spread E. coli and salmonella, they are linked to the spread of 33 kinds of bacteria, 6 parasitic worms, and over 7 other forms of human pathogens. That is why they are public enemy number one for governmental inspectors.  

3. We all know that cockroaches can make customers sick but…

When we think of cockroach illness, our first thought will be to safeguard our customers, but roaches can make employees sick as well. This can lead to an increase in employee absenteeism. If you operate a business that doesn’t deal with the food, this is one of the ways cockroaches can still have a negative impact. When roaches get into break rooms, they can leave harmful bacteria on cups, coffee machines, counters, and other sensitive locations. But, even if they didn’t, their presence still makes employees uncomfortable, and that can lead to a reduction in overall morale.

4. We all know that sickness can drive away business but…

If a customer gets sick from foods or dishes that have been tainted by cockroaches, they are not likely to come back, but this isn’t the worse that can happen. Unhappy customers leave unhappy reviews. And unhappy reviews can cause potential customers to pass your business by. We live in an age of smartphones and instant information. If you operate a restaurant, the last thing you need is a cockroach report coming up when someone asks for the best restaurant in the area.

5. Bad reviews are bad but…

No business likes to have bad reviews, but there is something worse than getting a bad review. Some businesses have been closed down for cockroaches and other dirty pest problems due to reports made by customers on social media. The U.S. government monitors applications that provide reviews to give them a heads up on potential violations. And, if an inspection doesn’t lead to a closure, at the very least it will increase the number of inspection you’ll have to endure.

6. Restaurants and cockroaches don’t go together but…

Restaurants aren’t the only businesses that need to worry about cockroaches. These dirty pests can cause issues for hospitals, pharmaceutical companies, nursing homes, assisted living facilities, hotels, resorts, grocery stores, food processing plants, retail stores, apartment complexes, and many more. Their impact goes far beyond the restaurant industry. When cockroaches get into businesses, they bring a ton of problems with them. It is always best to keep them out.

No Business Should Be Without Pest Control

Pest control for cockroaches is only one part of a comprehensive commercial pest control plan, and no business should be without a plan. There are many pests that can adversely affect businesses in South Florida. Protect your business, your reputation, and your bottom line with a tailored pest plan from Nozzle Nolen.

At Nozzle Nolen, we provide a Green Shield Certified service that will make sure your business has the LEED Certification points you need to be a success. Set up an appointment with one of our educated pest specialists and get your protection in place today.

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