Pest Control: Hiring a Pro vs. DIY

January 27, 2023
Pest Control Professional

No home or work building is without its fair share of pests. The mice, cockroaches, and termites stay hidden in your walls populating their numbers and increasing their nuisance.

In these moments, you start to think about how to deal with the infestation. Calling a professional pest control team is the usual answer, but there’s also the choice of doing the work yourself.

There is a lot to consider when choosing a method for a pest problem. Depending on your budget and determination, one of the choices will benefit your needs. 

This article will help you make an educated choice by listing the pros and cons of hiring professional pest control vs. DIY.

What Are the Pros of DIY Pest Control?

Do-it-yourself projects deliver a sense of accomplishment for you and your skill set. With pest control, knowing how to exterminate bugs on a whim can make you more reliable with friends and family.

Here are some advantages to managing the infestations in your home.


One of the best advantages of DIY pest control is buying the necessary equipment. Scheduling an appointment with a professional extermination team can cost between $300 and $550.

Online guides make it easy for people to find the right equipment for their bug problems. Some infestations might require strong chemicals, but regular household items can prove to be equally efficient and save some money.

Process Control

Some pest control teams might evacuate the premises and move things around to secure the infested area. However, with you in charge, you can organize the space and reduce any damage or unwanted furniture arrangements.

You understand the people and pets living inside your home or work area. The items, chemicals, and equipment you choose contribute to maintaining health and safety for everyone involved.

What Are the Cons of DIY Pest Control?

While it is more manageable to do your pest control, some aspects would have you consider hiring a professional.

Here are a few cons to performing a DIY pest control project.

Pest Research

Unless you are a former exterminator or have prior knowledge of pests, exterminating requires a lot of studying on your part.

You may know where the pests are coming from, but do you know where their nesting grounds are? What’s the best solution to eliminating their presence?

There are many factors to pest control that professionals study and understand. They know how the pests operate and the quickest methods to solving the problem.

Product Strength

Homemade chemical mixtures and remedies can work, but the effectiveness varies in strength. Some bugs or pests require stronger solvents to wipe out breeding grounds.

Professional gear and equipment are costly but guarantee the success of extermination.

What Are the Pros of Professional Pest Control?

Depending on where you live and the size of the infestation, calling a professional pest control team can benefit you. Knowing that a group of experts is handling the problem reassures you and the safety of your home.

Here are some reasons why hiring a professional can be the best choice.


Infestations are an everyday occurrence for households and workplaces. Pest control facilities exist because many places require frequent assistance.

The steps to calling an exterminator are simple and hassle-free. You don’t need to get your hands dirty while the professionals take care of the work. If you have the funds, the extra spending can keep your house clean from future pest problems.

Thorough Process

Having years of training and practical experience, pest control teams understand the extermination process to a tea. From clearing the premises to equipping the best materials, professionals know how to handle the situation.

DIY pest control can only cover parts of the process due to minimal equipment and a lack of knowledge. A pro doesn’t hesitate or question his process and gets the job done quickly.

What Are the Cons of Professional Pest Control?

Hiring a professional pest control team takes the responsibility off your shoulders, but they can also be problematic if it’s your only option.

Before setting an appointment, consider these cons.


It’s not cheap bringing in a team of exterminators. You have to consider the size of the problem and the equipment necessary. Every case varies with the customer and the area.

Hazardous Chemicals

Exterminators use strong chemicals to clear out the pests, which can pose a health issue for the residents. Check that there are no lingering smells before entering the premises again. 

Final Thoughts: Professional Pest Control vs. DIY

When deciding between professional pest control vs. DIY  for controlling a pest infestation, there are many factors to consider. Hiring a professional can take the burden off of you and ensures a more thorough approach to the problem. However, if the associated cost is too much for you, there are some DIY options out there that may help. 
You can use the pros and cons above to make the best decision. If you suspect you have a pest infestation on your hands, contact Nozzle Nolan today for a quote.

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