Termite Control Pompano Beach, FL

Located in the heart of Florida’s Gold Coast, Pompano Beach offers a blend of picturesque beaches, clear waters, and lush parks. With iconic shores such as Pompano Beach and Hillsboro Inlet Park, this coastal city stands out for its picturesque landscapes. Boasting hundreds of acres of greenery, including the scenic confines of North Ocean Park and Fern Forest Nature Center, Pompano Beach provides both residents and tourists with public amenities amid nature’s splendor. However, South Florida’s warm and humid climate creates favorable conditions for multiple termite species that home and business owners should be aware of. 

Don’t let your home or business fall victim to termites! Each year, Americans spend over $5 billion in property damages caused by termites. Don’t wait until the damage is done, be proactive by scheduling regular pest inspections and being aware of the signs of termites

At Nozzle Nolen, our team of pest control experts knows how to get rid of these pests to keep your home safe. As one of the top-rated exterminators in South Florida, we understand the need to act swiftly and smartly to provide effective and long-lasting termite removal treatments.

Our Pompano Beach Termite Control Services

Our certified pest control technicians conduct inspections to determine if spot treatments, full fumigation, or non-tent treatments are needed. Options include:

Conventional Foundation Treatments

  • Liquid termiticide applied to soil around and beneath the structure.
  • Forms a protective barrier against termites.

Tent Fumigation

  • For large infestations, the entire structure is tented.
  • Fumigant gas eradicates termites; specialists handle prep and post-fumigation tasks.

Non-Tent Treatments 

  • For localized infestations, options include termite baiting and termidor treatment.
  • Baiting system kills the colony; termidor treatment is a pet-friendly liquid in the yard.

Tape-and-Seal Fumigation

  • Large buildings or businesses can be sealed with plastic sheeting and tape.

Heat Treatments

  • Alternative to chemicals; structure vacated for a few hours.
  • Hot air pumped into tented structure kills termites.

Vault Fumigation for Valuable Furniture

  • Used for individual pieces infested with Drywood termites.
  • Items removed, treated off-site, and returned.



The best way to prevent a termite infestation is through recurring service. With our 365 Complete Home Protection Plan, which includes four seasonal maintenance visits and unlimited follow-ups, we tailor the plan to your needs. Get professional termite control services from the experts at Nozzle Nolen before a minor problem turns into a major one.

Nozzle Nolen is a recognized leader in the pest control industry, providing complete pest protection and lawncare services since 1951. To learn more about how we can protect your home, fill out our contact form.


Nozzle Nolen provides termite control services to the following locations in Southeast Florida and surrounding areas: