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Known as the “Venice of America,” and the gateway to the Everglades, Fort Lauderdale, Florida is famous for its 300 miles of inland waterways and canals, beautiful beaches,, and downtown scene. It’s located in Broward County, about 30 miles north of Miami. With an average year-round temperature of 75.5 degrees F, and 3,000 hours of sunshine per year, it’s the perfect escape for snowbirds, retirees, vacationers…and pests!

Unfortunately, a tropical paradise for people can also be a hotbed for pests. The water from the Everglades and canals act as breeding grounds for mosquitos, especially during the warm and wet months. Other pests such as rodents, termites, bed bugs, and ants (including the red imported fire ant) thrive year-round in Fort Lauderdale. Another common pest in southern Florida is Ceratopogonidae, aka no-see-ums, tiny biting flies that thrive in Fort Lauderdale’s warm weather. If you’re having a pest problem in your home or business, Nozzle Nolen’s team of certified pest control technicians is trained to meet Fort Lauderdale’s pest control needs. 

Best Pest & Termite Control in Fort Lauderdale

As a third-generation South Florida-based pest control company, we understand the unique needs of your area. Having serviced homes and businesses in the Fort Lauderdale area for over 70 years, we’re familiar with the common pests and are dedicated to identifying them, removing them, and keeping them from coming back. Our Pompano Beach branch is proud to offer pest control and extermination services for Fort Lauderdale including:

Professional pest control services in Fort Lauderdale are a must-have for all home and business owners. Feel free to Contact Us or Schedule a Free Inspection of your property to get started with Nozzle Nolen!

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Nozzle Nolen’s 365 COMPLETE Home Protection Plan is like an insurance policy for unwanted houseguests. With us by your side, you’re protected against general household pests, rodents, and termites – every day of the year!

Our Pest Control Services put an emphasis on the exterior and utilize proactive tactics to stop pests before they get inside. And, with our No Pest Guarantee, if pests appear between treatments, so will we.

The best part? Pricing is affordable. Call 800.226.6536 to get started!



Prevent damage with proactive detection and baiting stations.

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Prevention of general household pests, including ants, roaches, spiders, silverfish, earwigs, and wasps.

drywood termites


Stop invasions with strategically located treatments.

rats and mice


Keep your home free from rats and mice with exterior rodent control.

Nozzle Nolen is a recognized leader in the pest control industry, providing complete pest protection and lawncare services since 1951. To learn more about how we can protect your home, fill out our contact form.