How Roof Rats Invade South Florida Homes

December 13, 2020

Just the word “rat” can send shivers up a person’s spine, but what’s even worse than just the word is knowing that these rummaging, destructive, disease spreading creatures are living near, or even worse, inside of your South Florida home. At Nozzle Nolen, we understand just how stressful a rat problem can be, which is why we want to inform you about these furry invaders and provide you with the information needed to completely remove them from your home and property and keep them from returning!

In South Florida, there are several species of rats; the most invasive species that is found living in the highest numbers is the roof rat. Roof rats will invade homes any time of the year, including in the summer season in order to escape the heat. When it comes to roof rats, it is important to understand what they look like. The roof rat’s physical shape is what allows them to enter South Florida homes so easily. They have a light build and a sleek body which allows them to easily climb trees and other objects in order to gain access to a home’s roof. Once on the roof, they will find any small opening that they can to squeeze their body through to gain entry into your home. Roof rats are typically found invading attics, ceilings, and living behind walls in the upper levels of homes.

Roof rats living inside homes can cause many problems; first and foremost hearing these large rodents scurrying behind your home’s walls will cause you to lose sleep, as well as cause you unneeded stress and anxiety. Roof rats living inside homes can also cause significant structural damages; the roof rat’s large, sharp front incisors allow them to chew through wires, pipes, drywall, ductwork, flooring, and more. Along with physical damage, their chewing habits can also result in other consequences including fires and water damage. Other problems that a summertime roof rat infestation can cause include:

  • Contaminating food
  • Contaminating surfaces of your home with their urine and feces
  • Damaging personal property like books, pictures, clothing, and furniture
  • Introducing parasites like mites, fleas, and ticks into your home
  • Introducing bacteria and disease into your home
  • Triggering asthma attacks or allergic reactions
  • Allowing other pests to enter your home through the openings that they have created, including other
  • rodents, wild animals, and insects
  • Causing damage to garden areas, birds feeders, fruit trees, and garbage cans

To prevent the stress of a rat infestation and stop them from causing damages or introducing diseases into your South Florida home, partner with Nozzle Nolen and our rodent control experts. We offer a variety of rodent control services to remove even the most evasive rats from your home; our services include rodent trapping, rodent monitoring, exclusion services, sealing of rodent access points, the removal of feces, and the replacement of contaminated insulation. Contact Nozzle Nolen today to request your free inspection and take back your home and property this summer from damaging roof rats!

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