South Florida Pest Control Do-It-Yourself vs Professional Services

April 14, 2022
A smiling pest control technician dressed in protective gear and holding a spray nozzle
If you need pest control, do-it-yourself might not be the best solution.

Insects, rodents, and other “pests” are natural parts of the environment and often contribute to our lives in many ways. For example, where would we be without bees and other pollinators to ensure a steady supply of fruits and vegetables?

They only become a problem when we encounter them in places where they can spread disease or damage our homes. Our initial reaction when spotting signs of these invaders on our premises may be to take the matter into our own hands.

However, when you compare pest control do-it-yourself vs. professional services, you find that in the long run, the safest, most effective, and most economical approach is to let the pros give those pests the boot. Take a look at why Nozzle Nolen’s 365 Complete Home Protection Package services are the gold standard in pest protection.

A Deeper Dive Into Do-It-Yourself Pest Control vs. Professional Services

If you suspect insects or rodents have already found their way onto your premises, pest prevention may take a back seat to pest elimination. In fact, the pest control strategy recommended by the Environmental Protection Agency is based on integrated pest management (IPM), which combines eradication with prevention.

One of the goals of IPM is to reduce reliance on potentially harmful chemicals used in pest sprays, traps, and other tools. The use of pesticides can be especially dangerous when a member of your household is highly sensitive to chemicals. Furthermore, if the use of chemicals is necessary, it is important to select the pesticide that best suits your situation. 

Here’s the step-by-step approach to do-it-yourself pest control:

  1. Identify the pest causing the problem – While it’s relatively easy to tell a cockroach or mouse when you see it, other signs of a pest problem can leave you scratching your head. For example, are those little piles of dust on a window ledge merely little piles of dust or the digested wood particles of Drywood termites?
  2. Focus on control rather than elimination – Attempts to eradicate a pest infestation too quickly could lead to the overuse of harmful chemicals. That’s one big reason why prevention is safer and ultimately less expensive than eradication alone.
  3. Decide which pest control approach will be most effective – This requires carefully reading the labels of pest control products, determining how much of the product to purchase and apply, and knowing the safe way to use, store, and discard the product.
  4. Determine how effective your pest control effort was – Give whichever methods you use time to work, and then compare the pre-treatment and post-treatment condition of the affected area. Also, consider how effective the approach will be in the long run.

Keep in mind that do-it-yourself pest control kits cost from about $60 to hundreds of dollars (for each specific pest you are targeting), plus the cost for refills. By comparison, professional pest control services cost about as much per application over the long haul.

A graphic outlining the five key benefits of professional pest control services vs do-it-yourself pest control

5 Key Benefits of Professional Pest Control Services

The typical response to spotting a pest in your home is to go to the store and purchase an insecticide spray or rodent trap and follow the instructions provided for using it safely. But where do you spray or set traps? What’s the right amount of spray to fix the problem without exposing your family to potentially harmful chemicals? And when do you know the pests are no longer a threat?

What you need is a plan that’s customized to your situation. That’s the starting point when you contact the pest control specialists at Nozzle Nolen and the first of five great reasons to choose a professional solution.

  1. Pest control customized for your home – Your home is like no other, which means the best plan depends on its size, age, layout, and the source of the problem. Pest control technicians address the immediate situation and consider necessary preventive measures for the future.
  2. Knowledgeable about pesticides – The last thing you want to do is apply the wrong kind of pesticide or the right one in an ineffective way. Professional pest control services keep the use of chemicals to a minimum by knowing how to use them safely and by emphasizing prevention.
  3. Safe and practical use of pest control methods – The number-one job for pest control specialists is keeping families, the environment, and pets safe. They will explain how and why they’re using the products and alert you to any possible risks.
  4. Follow-up to ensure that pests stay gone – Effective pest control starts before insects or rodents establish a presence in your home. Once an infestation has been cleared out, pest control pros will return regularly to inspect and ensure your home is pest-free.
  5. Save money: Having to eradicate an extensive pest infestation can require a great deal of time, effort, and expense. Making pest control a part of your home’s seasonal maintenance plan makes you less likely to be saddled with a big cleanup and repair bill.

Getting Started With Nozzle Nolen

Pest control services such as the 365 Complete Home Protection Plan not only lower the odds of pest-related damage, they eliminate a potential source of disease in your home. So they defend your home against damage and promote the health and well-being of your family. The best way to keep pests at bay isn’t a short-term, hit-and-run approach, it’s by taking the long view.

Nozzle Nolen has been providing expert pest control services to the residents of South Florida for more than seven decades. If you would like more information about pest control do-it-yourself vs. professional services, call us at 800.226.6536 or Contact Us. We look forward to serving you.

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