Commercial Pest Control Prices: A Breakdown for South Florida

October 21, 2021
Nozzle Nolen employee providing commercial pest control services
Commercial pest control prices can be difficult to predict, but value trumps all.

Imagine you call a doctor’s office and say that you have a sore throat and a fever. Before you schedule an appointment, though, you want to know how much the doctor’s visit will cost, along with any medicine you might need. The doctor would get pretty confused—they don’t know what you look like or what infection or disease is causing the problem. It’s for that same reason that commercial pest control prices can vary so much.

One-Time Service Costs and Regular Pest Control Services

The first step in calculating the costs of commercial pest control is to determine your need for pest prevention, to control any current infestations while also taking proactive measures to stop new pests from getting in. This will give the commercial pest technician time to assess the property and treat immediate issues like ants or roaches.  

After that, prices are based on frequency of visit. A further breakdown of industry average commercial pricing looks like this:

  1. One time visit ($500-$1500) – The pest control technician will assess the infestation and treat it, which can involve considerable prep work. Following a one-time visit, there is usually a need for a 7-14 day immediate follow-up to ensure the treatment worked. The technician will revise as needed to execute a successful treatment plan going forward, which is another essential step in the process. This pricing does not include on-going coverage for any infestations, which are covered in a separate section below.
  2. Monthly visits ($60-$100) – If you have an annual service plan, expect to pay about $700 to $1,200 over the course of the year for monthly visits. Monthly visits include checking bait stations for rodents, slugs and performing treatments as needed., along with any other needs the technician may find.
  3. Quarterly visits ($100-$300) – If you have a quarterly plan, you will often save money even though the pest management technician has more to do during each visit because they do not have to include their hourly rate for 12 separate visits. A quarterly visit will also include checking stations, performing perimeter inspections and spraying as well as any other necessary treatments.

This doesn’t mean that frequency is the only factor to consider, but more frequent visits are an effective strategy for both pest control and prevention. Waiting too long between treatments often gives the pests time to recover and regain a footing in your commercial establishment. The longer that passes in between treatments, the higher the chances of pests returning, and if enough time passes, you could have a full infestation on your hands again. 

This could mean having to make an emergency call to a pest control technician and the added cost of dealing with another infestation. For this reason, we recommend more frequent visits to ensure the pests are taken care of the right way the first time.

How to Navigate Differing Prices?

After you’ve received quotes from several pest control companies, your next thought is probably, “What is the difference?”. This is a common question we often receive. If your first and only question is, “How much?” you’re steering in the wrong direction. Where there is a “How,” there is always a “Why.” The questions to ask that will provide value and justification are:

  1. How effective will the initial treatment prove to be?
  2. How long will the results last?
  3. What kind of guarantee will follow the treatment, if any?

Whether you have a restaurant, warehouse, hospital, or anything in between, Nozzle Nolen’s Commercial Division has got you covered.

It goes without saying that pests can be quite embarrassing for your business. With how quickly information travels these days, protecting your brand is very important. The wrong pest in the wrong place could permanently damage your brand.

Value vs. Price

Trying to compare commercial pest control prices can seem complicated, and sometimes aspects get overlooked. It is often the case that looking at the value is more important than the price. Consider the value of paying for regular cockroach pest prevention against the expense of shutting down your commercial kitchen for a week once the issue has already gotten out of hand. 

While spending $1,500-$5000 to treat bed bugs may seem expensive, it is not as costly as having to close your entire hotel for bed bug treatment. Not to mention, nothing scares away travelers faster than reading a Google review of how someone got bed bugs from your hotel. 

Termites are another huge touchpoint for business owners, this is due to the fact that they can do extensive damage to:

  • Floors
  • support beams
  • ceilings
  • Furniture
  • And more

If you find a termite infestation in your commercial property, a series of visits from a pest professional will quickly exceed quarterly preventative treatments. When adding up the costs of reactive treatments plus the thousands of dollars of time and money spent repairing damage, quarterly preventative pest control sounds more than reasonable.

Commercial Pest Control Prices: Prevention Is Less Expensive

Commercial pest control prices are based on the amount of work and equipment a certified technician requires to solve a problem. Unfortunately, without regular visits, infestations can become very large. If you are not already taking advantage of a recurring plan, you will likely face high costs to eliminate the pest problems that you have.

In addition, if your facility has to meet auditing requirements such as LEEDS, AIB, SQF, or others, Nozzle Nolen is your South Florida pest control professional.

When comparing the costs of dealing with an existing infestation from a one-time perspective to ongoing pest management, prevention is much less expensive. But it’s just as important to remember that with commercial pest control prices, you get what you pay for. When commercial businesses have recurring pest control plans, they receive a quality inspection from a licensed inspector who can develop treatments and identify preventive techniques that can reduce the possibility of future infestations.

Our Pest-Free Guarantee is Your Pest “Insurance”

Health Insurance and regular preventative care can help you reduce health care costs, similarly, pest control prevention can act as a kind of pest “insurance” that can give you peace of mind. You can get monthly or bi-weekly service from trusted pest management technicians to mitigate the risk of an emergent pest issue that could hurt your business. 

What you need to consider when shopping for this service is a combination of reputation and reviews along with the price. Obviously, no one wants to get overcharged for something they could have gotten cheaper with another provider. On the other hand, the cheapest service provider may be new, not quite experienced enough, or unequipped to do a thorough job, all of which could leave your business vulnerable to pests.

Get Fair Commercial Pest Control Prices from Nozzle Nolen

Nozzle Nolen’s commercial pest control prices have revolutionized the way the pest industry is able to quote, treat, and guarantee their services. We provide highly customized treatment plans to address what you need, right when you need it.

With Nozzle Nolen’s commercial services, you get:

  • A knowledgeable certified rep that understands the needs of your business who will put together a program that works specifically for you.
  • Easy billing and payment options.
  • A dedicated account manager to serve as a point of contact to assist with questions or concerns.
  • Quality service you can depend on, and a guarantee to back it up.

Nozzle Nolen has 70 years of experience serving South Florida businesses of every size and type. To learn more about our commercial pest control prices and comprehensive pest management solutions, call 800.226.6536 or Contact Us to get a free custom quote based on the size and needs of your business. We look forward to serving you.

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