Florida Fall Pest Prevention Tips

August 30, 2020

As the weather begins to cool, you may notice more pests than usual.

South Florida pest control experts stay busy during autumn because this is when pests emerge and look for new food and water sources. Even though the weather is not as frigid as many other parts of the U.S., some Florida pests may prefer to stay in your home than in their nests. By knowing which pests are more likely to emerge this season, you can take the preventive steps necessary to avoid a costly infestation.

Common Fall South Florida Pests

A year-round problem, rodents tend to make their way indoors more as the weather cools. More than being annoying and multiplying quickly, rodents may harbor transmittable diseases in their saliva, dander, fur, droppings and urine. Such diseases include salmonella, Hantavirus and the plague. If you have or suspect rodents in your home, stay safe and call a Florida pest control professional right away.

Asian ladybugs
Red ladybugs with black spots are beneficial insects. Those that are yellow or orange with black or no spots are also beneficial, but have a tendency to overwinter inside homes. While the bugs are harmless, they emit a foul odor and leave yellow stains before dying.

Florida is home to a variety of ants that tend to go indoors in search of water. You may find ant trails in places like the driveway, walls or windows, as well as in your kitchen or bathroom.

Termites cause millions of dollars in damage to homes each year. While termite infestations can occur at any time of year, drywood and dampwood termites tend to swarm during the fall.

Lawn grubs
Lawn grubs are a common autumn south Florida pest. The bugs are actually beetle larvae that live in soil and eat grass roots. If you see birds in your yard picking at the grass, you may have an abundance of lawn grubs in it.

Spiders are attracted to food sources—insects. If you have a spider infestation in your home, you may have an insect infestation of which you are not aware. In addition to controlling the insect population in your home, make your dwelling seem inhospitable by breaking webs when you see them and using a natural spider repellent, like water infused with mint.

South Florida pest prevention for the Autumn season

  • Eliminate entry points. Pests can enter your home via cracks that are as small as 1/8-inch. Inspect the interior and exterior walls of your home and seal any cracks that you find. Similarly, repair or replace broken screens on your windows, doors or yard enclosure.
  • Maintain the landscaping. Pests hate nice-looking yards. Keep them away by regularly mowing your lawn, getting rid of fallen leaves, weeding your garden and cutting back bushes so they don’t touch your home. In addition, cut back tree branches that overhang your home.
  • Eliminate standing water. Fix leaks inside and outside your home. Cover the pool when it’s not in use and empty fountains that don’t have a working pump. If you have a birdbath, refresh the water daily.
  • Eliminate food sources. Avoid leaving food out in the open, including pet food. Do the dishes as soon as possible after each meal, and clean up any crumbs or spills. If you throw away food, place it in a trashcan that has a tight-fitting lid.

Despite your best efforts, pests sometimes become unwelcomed guests. If you suspect an infestation in your home, contact an expert South Florida pest control service provider like Nozzle Nolen and schedule an inspection right away.

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