Mosquito Season in Florida: What You Need to Know

September 28, 2021
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A mosquito biting a human during mosquito season in Florida
Wearing an EPA-listed insect repellent is one way to avoid bites during mosquito season in Florida.

The simple fact of the matter is that compared to a number of other places, mosquito season in Florida is a year-round ordeal. As much as we would like to tell our customers that they will get a break from these pests during “winter,” that is just not the case. South Florida is a tropical climate and the same things that appeal to people also appeal to mosquitoes. Most of them, at least.

Why Increases in Mosquitos and the 2021 Hurricane Season Coincide

No animal, insect, or plant is a fan of hurricanes, of course. The destruction left in their wake is substantial. Hurricane season comes when a large number of low-pressure systems travel west across the Atlantic from Africa to South Florida. And while people like us may not always love rain, mosquitoes need it to survive.

The majority of mosquito species that end up biting people and pets are known as container/surface breeders. Females will lay eggs on wet surfaces inside containers, and those larvae will be activated when they are fully submerged under the waterline.  While mosquitoes only live a few weeks, anyone who has lived here long enough knows that storms come frequently, starting the activation process again and again.

And somehow, 2021 will be harder to deal with than most years. Chalk it up to higher-than-average storm systems forecast throughout the season, which, while seemingly endless, is going to be at its peak through November.

Limiting Your Exposure of Yourself and Your Property

The key to effective mosquito control, no matter the season, starts with protecting your most valuable asset, you! A mosquito bite can result in as little as a minor skin irritation to something a bit more serious. Regardless, there are some steps you can take to mitigate these risks, which include:

  1. Wear an EPA-listed insect repellent before you go out. Nozzle Nolen is an industry leader in IPM pest control, which is why we know that some “natural” alternatives simply don’t work. So check before you apply it to yourself.
  2. Wear long sleeves when possible, especially around dawn and dusk. That’s prime time for mosquitoes and when they’re most likely to need to feed. Of course, we get how difficult that can be in the dog days of summer, but it will make a difference.
  3. Avoid using citronella candles and other repellents. These can provide a false sense of security, and any slight breeze will eliminate any form of mosquito protection and could potentially pose a fire risk.

Once you, your loved ones, and your pets are covered, it’s time to tackle your house and yard. Where possible:

  1. Refresh birdbaths and other areas that require standing water.
  2. Make sure wheelbarrows, plants that hold water (we love our Bromeliads), and even tire swings (we’ve seen eggs hatch there) are emptied frequently.
  3. If you have rain barrels and gutters, make sure they’re screened or regularly attended to.
  4. Make sure your screens are in good condition.
  5. Keep your lawn to about five inches high and dispose of clippings fast.

Now, will that completely solve a mosquito problem? No. However, it will put you far ahead of the pack when dealing with these biting foes.

mosquito season in florida

Getting Professional Help During Mosquito Season in Florida

If you’ve seen low-flying aircraft in wooded and overgrown areas, your county is fighting back against mosquitoes with heavy fogging equipment. Unfortunately, most people don’t have access (and shouldn’t expose their families) to that much insect control agent.

What you can do is work with a South Florida pest management company that uses the latest technology to combat these flying menaces. We mention technology because old techniques and baits simply will not work as mosquitos evolve and develop resistance. The problem comes with how pervasive they are and how quickly they reproduce. 

The Best Tools for Mosquito Season in Florida: Misting vs. Traps

Both misting and traps are effective defenses against mosquitos, but there is a time and a place for each. Misting provides a quick fix eliminating mosquitoes on contact, so you and your family can enjoy your time outside. On the other hand, Mosquito traps work over time by attracting egg-laying females and neutralizing the larvae before they can grow. This technique is a slow method that works little by little to clear your property of mosquitos.

While both are effective methods of eliminating mosquitoes, a combination of mosquito traps for prevention and misting in heavily infested areas for control is the best bet for most households. Remember that the dual-prong approach will assist in dealing with adult mosquitoes and prevent larvae from becoming entrenched on your property.

Get Protection You Can Trust from Nozzle Nolen

If the worst mosquito season in Florida in years has you and your family struggling, we’re here to help. 

Call Nozzle Nolen at 1.800.226.6536 or Contact Us for a free inspection and treatment plan to keep your property from being overrun. Our plans include mosquito traps, consultations on areas you can make less friendly for these insects, and fogging. We look forward to serving you.

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