Marine Termite Treatment Services

No Bugs Onboard


Nozzle Nolen’s marine termite service can keep your vessel in Bristol condition.

marine pest control technician inspecting for termites

Termites on the Water?

You may think of termites as land lovers, but like most of us in South Florida, these pesky insects won’t pass up a chance to spend some time on a boat. Termites can swarm from nearby land, and will find all sorts of nooks and crannies to make a home on your vessel. Many older boats are made from wood, a termite’s favorite snack, but even newer fiberglass-hulled boats are not immune, as termites may attack trim and structural components. If you see signs of termites such as wings or tiny wood-shaved droppings (termite frass), call us immediately.

Marine Termite Treatment

Nozzle Nolen uses tent fumigation to treat boats for termites. The process is ideal, as it also eliminates other pests that infest marine vessels. Our services are covered by a one-year guarantee, so if the termites come back, our technicians will treat your vessel again for free.