A Comprehensive Pest Control Plan for Buying a Home in South Florida

September 7, 2021
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A termite under a magnifying glass; Termite inspection in a multi-family home is a part of a comprehensive pest control plan
Quarterly termite inspections are just one piece of a comprehensive pest control plan.

Welcome to paradise! Unfortunately, what you didn’t know was that South Florida and the surrounding areas have the largest variety of pest and termite species in the entire country, including exotic variants known to cause significant property damage. Residential properties require protection against a myriad of pests. Ants, roaches, fleas, ticks, fire ants, and bed bugs join rodents as the major issues in South Florida homes. These pests are more than just a visual nuisance, many of these insects and rodents can carry diseases and cause significant structural damage throughout the entire property. Eliminating infestations and preventing future ones are the backbone of a successful comprehensive pest control plan for residencies throughout Palm Beach, Miami, and all of South Florida.

Inspecting Home for Preventive and Treatment Services

Experienced technicians take the time to inspect and assess a home properly. They identify areas where future issues could occur, such as around slab foundations and near plumbing and electrical piping into the structure. During an initial inspection, they are able to “think like a bug” and identify any potential risks or conditions for rodents, insects, and other pests.

Further, they can identify any signs of a current infestation, which include:

  • Damage to interior or exterior walls 
  • Damage to HVAC or insulation system 
  • Droppings 
  • Odd smells or sounds
  • Termite Frass or wings
  • Water or moisture accumulation

A comprehensive pest control plan will establish proper elimination protocols and any follow-up care that the unit or property requires afterward. The key though is in the guarantee that comes after Nozzle Nolen has raised the bar in its extensive investment in IPM (Integrated Pest Management) and reduced risk pest control, which focuses on ongoing prevention rather than overuse of chemicals.

Why is early identification and prevention so important? Well, let’s look at termites for example. Prevention is the most valuable weapon to fight a termite infestation. At a national cost of more than $5 billion per year, they cause more damage than any natural disaster outside of hurricanes. An exterior and interior inspection includes looking for signs of termites, which are:

  1. Signs of colony activity—This includes discarded wings around light sources and wood structures. Mud tubes are another sign which subterranean termites use to tunnel for food. 
  2. Building damage—Termites leave evidence of their travels in drywall in the form of holes and ripples. The latter is the interior equivalent of mud tubes. Technicians can detect previous damage in hollow wood and gain a better perspective of the extent of the infestation. 

These are all problems stemming from just one pest, and it doesn’t stop here. When summer hits and the weather becomes more humid and storms occur, swarms of other pests attempt to establish colonies in your home. With so many different species, a pest control expert will inspect properties more frequently to identify potential areas of concern. The Florida Department of Agriculture requires annual inspections for termites. However, most providers suggest seasonal inspections to help take the offensive on pest swarms.

Comprehensive pest control plan in South Florida

Creating a Comprehensive Pest Control Plan For Your Home

The primary goal in creating a comprehensive pest control plan is to identify, remediate, and then prevent. The first step is to remedy any current infestations or other issues. This can involve:

  1. Specialized baiting of areas with high insect activity or targeted treatment at the nest for immediate control.
  1. Setting traps to capture existing rodent infestations, sealing exterior access points, and sterilizing afflicted areas to minimize the risk of disease.
  1. Heat treatments are also a popular way to treat bed bugs or small drywood termite spot treatments. Technicians will heat the affected area to 140°F, which raises the core temperature of the wood in the house to 120°F, effectively killing termites or other pests. This is an attractive option because it does not involve a three-day relocation or exposure to pesticides.
  1. In the most extreme cases, residential homes may require tenting fumigation to ensure all pests are no longer an issue.

The pest control provider will design a comprehensive pest control plan with options depending on the style of the structure, the number of units, budget, and the extent of the infestation. This could cause unique treatment plans for anything from a single-family home to a multi-unit apartment complex. Nozzle Nolen recommends frequent inspections of highly trafficked areas. This strikes a balance between maintaining adequate protection while not interrupting residents’ daily activities.

For larger complexes, our Integrated Pest Management style of service relies on a logbook service which focuses the technician’s efforts on units with issues and can be a more cost-effective option.

Schedule a Free Home Health Evaluation for Your Comprehensive Pest Control Plan

Nozzle Nolen has served south Florida for the last 70 years, and we believe in treating every customer like family. We offer free quotes and will build a custom, comprehensive pest control plan for you and your properties. Our licensed and certified technicians will assess your home and business to determine what immediate and ongoing preventive care is needed. We also offer best-in-class response times to emergencies, with service guaranteed within 24 hours.

Don’t delay when pests could already be causing hundreds or thousands of dollars in unseen damage to your property. Call Nozzle Nolen at 800.226.6536 or Contact Us today for your free quote and evaluation.

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